PowerShell script to create a HTML list of books, only by providing their ISBN codes.
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This project contains a MS PowerShell script for gathering information about a list of books by their ISBN from amazon and creating a HTML fragment for a book list.

It is using the Amazon Product Advertising API to obtain the required information.


To use the API you must have a AWS account with your AWS Access Key and the corresponding AWS Private Key. Additionally to use the product advertising API you need to register your AWS account at the Amazon Affiliate Program to get an Associate ID.

These three tokens need to be present in the aws.config.ps1. You can find a template for the config file in aws.config.ps1.template. Just rename it and fill in your credentials.


Setup a list with ISBN codes of books you want to list. Write these codes into a plain text file, one code per line.

Call Create-BookList.ps1 my-book-list.txt and the result is saved into my-book-list.html

  • You can specify the target file to: Create-BookList.ps1 my-book-list.txt result.htm
  • You can omit the included default CSS styles: Create-BookList.ps1 my-book-list.txt -noStyles
  • You can embed the result fragment in a simple HTML page: Create-BookList.ps1 my-book-list.txt -noFragment