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Hacking on Caja
-The Caja source tree is available from MATE git ( and
-in releases on the MATE FTP site
+The Caja source tree is available from MATE git
+( and
+in releases on the MATE FTP site (
-If you plan to hack on Caja, please make sure you work from the
-Git version. The Git version can be checked from the MATE git server.
-See for details on how to get started with
-MATE Git. For details on how Caja uses git, see the README.commits
-If you want to contribute in development discussions, please send mail
-to the caja mailing list: <>. Archives and
-subscription information are available at
-Submitting Patches
-If you've been working on a change to Caja and want to propose it
-for inclusion, you have to generate a patch and submit it for review
-by the maintainers.
-Patches should be made with 'git format-patch -M'
-and should conform to Caja coding style as described in
-docs/style-guide.html. We are pretty strict about coding style, so
-please make sure you follow the style guide to avoid unnecessary
-work on both sides when reviewing the patch.
-The best way to submit a patch for review is to post it on the mailing
-list. That way everyone sees it and can take part in the following
-discussion about it. Sometimes people also attach patches to bugs in
-bugzilla (, product 'caja'). If you do
-this, please send a mail to the list saying you did so, because it is
-very easy for the bugzilla email to get lost in all the bugzilla
-reports, and only the people CCd on the bug can partake in the
-discussion. When attaching bugs to bugzilla from git the git-bz
-command can be helpful, see:
-The Caja maintainers do their best to review patches and help
-developers that want to work on something, however we are often
-swamped in work and can miss an email or just forget to answer
-it. Don't be afraid of reposting your patches after a while, or poking
-us about the status of them.
-Also, if you're planning to do large changes, please take them up for
-discussion on the list first. If you get feedback early it is much
-easier to integrate it into your work.
-If your patch adds non-trivial strings, please ask for a string review
-from the i18n team before committing the changes. Strings should avoid
-contractions, and stay consistent with other strings already in Caja.
-Please reuse strings within Caja where it makes sense to do so.
+See also .
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This is Caja, the file manager for the MATE desktop.
-See the 'INSTALL' file for installation instructions. You will need a
-complete and up-to-date MATE development environment to build caja.
-You can also find some building and installation tips at
+Caja is a fork of Nautilus.
Hacking on Caja
Please see the HACKING file for information about hacking on caja.
-Mailing List
-The caja mailing list is Subscription
-information is available at
How to report bugs
-Bugs should be reported to the MATE bug tracking system
-(, in the "caja" product.
-Please read the following page on how to prepare a useful bug report:
+Bugs should be reported in GitHub

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