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MATE Control Center

About -

The control center is MATE's main interface for configuration of various
aspects of your desktop.

Installation -

make install

How to report bugs -

Bugs should be reported to the MATE bug tracking system under github:

In the report please include the following information -

	Operating system and version
	For Linux, version of the C and glib libraries
	How to reproduce the bug if possible
	If the bug was a crash, include the exact text that was printed out
	A stacktrace where possible [see below]

How to get a stack trace -

If the crash is reproducible, it is possible to get a stack trace and
attach it to the bug report. The following steps are used to obtain a
stack trace -

	Run the program in gdb [the GNU debugger] or any other debugger
		ie. gdb mate-keyboard-properties
	Start the program
		ie. (gdb) run
	Reproduce the crash and the program will exit to the gdb prompt
	Get the back trace
		ie. (gdb) bt full

Once you have the backtrace, copy and paste this either into the
'Comments' field or attach a file with it included.

Patches -

Patches should be submitted to github as pull requests: