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What's New Since 1.0.0?

  • Material Dark Theme for all components
  • New Date Picker with range functionality and accessibility improvements
  • Badging for Tabs and Bottom Navigation
  • Extended Floating Action Button
  • Toggle Button Group
  • Android 10 component support for edge to edge gesture navigation
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Material Theming (Shape, Typography, Color)
  • Stability and quality improvements

Dependency Updates:

Dependency Previous version New version
appcompat 1.1.0-rc01 1.1.0
core 1.1.0-rc03 1.1.0
vectordrawable 1.1.0-rc01 1.1.0
viewpager2 1.0.0-beta03 1.0.0-beta04

Library Updates:

  • Shape System:

    • Supporting percentage-based relative corners for ShapeAppearanceModel + MaterialShapeDrawable (c831ecc, 53e181b)
  • Date Picker:

  • Badging:

    • Update Badge Gravity values (4f771b2)
  • Bug fixes:

    • Fix Fragment leak in NavigationView (8555310)
    • Fixing ExposedDropdownMenu crash when device is rotated. (0e410d4)
    • Add space to the bitmap for drawing shadows to prevent clipping (99a8bd7)
  • API changes:

    • Update naming of Snackbar gesture inset ignore flag (d7b0a82)
    • Fix binary compatibility issues with MaterialShapeDrawable (8410a88)
    • Update Corner Size for builder to use floats (b8da637)
    • Change MaterialButtonToggleGroup to extend LinearLayout (410bc07)
    • Rename setCornerRadius to setAllCornerSizes (a0547c6)
    • TabView class is now public (2966cfb)
    • Support registering multiple BottomSheetCallbacks (00ea72f)
    • Remove content layout from card view (f3bd092)

Full set of changes: 1.1.0-alpha10...1.1.0-beta01

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