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Library updates:

  • Adding styling for ListPopupWindow along with dark theme support (0f7eaaa)
  • TabLayoutMediator (95a93df)
  • BadgeDrawble integration into TabLayout (5fdfd9d)
  • Talkback support for badge + TabLayout (b247e00)
  • DayNight Bridge Themes (daa3a04)
  • Snackbar add support for changing text & background tint color at runtime (d7e994a)
  • Add shaped selected item background to NavigationView and updated item background color (ab87dd5)
  • Add API to set customization of expandedOffset in BottomSheetBehavior (e1222dd)
  • Allow BottomSheet to settle to Half-expanded state on drag (3560a3a)
  • TextField password toggle end icon automatically updates checked state (5f8f604)
  • Remove CSL theme attribute workarounds (8f62228)
  • MaterialAlertDialogBuilder to respect setCanceledOnTouchOutside (bc36b69)

Demo updates:

  • Material Theme Builder (66e9c7f)
  • Update Catalog dark theme demo toggle with system default (9f692ec)
  • Exposed Dropdown Menu Demo updates (4e38a97, cc63b86)
  • Add catalog choose “Light/Dark/System default” Theme to Theme Switcher (fde196d)
  • BadgeDrawable integration into TabLayout demo (111cd00)

Full list of changes: 1.1.0-alpha06...1.1.0-alpha07

Assets 3

Dark Theme, exposed dropdown menu, badges, and more!

  • Dark Theme Elevation Overlays support (7b72c17)
  • AppBarLayout Dark Theme Elevation Overlays support, including animated overlay for Lift On Scroll (6d4ffa2)
  • Update AppBarLayout and ActionBar to default to surface style in Dark Theme (5249f54)
  • Update Tabs to default to surface style in Dark Theme (34a3a46)
  • Update Bottom Navigation to default to surface style in Dark Theme (d5ab591)
  • Implement new MaterialToolbar class that provides support for Dark Theme elevation overlays, if not using AppBarLayout (249e6f5)
  • Add support for translationZ to MaterialShapeDrawable (1889b9f)
  • Implement Shapeable interface in MaterialButton (d5bbc9c)
  • Begin integrating BadgeDrawable into BottomNavigationView (00ffe5e)
  • Update ExtendedFAB to support setting corner radius via shape appearance (163c0ed)
  • Add support for end-aligned iconGravity in MaterialButton (c42eb1e)
  • Exposed Dropdown Menu ( (c71b6cc)
  • Add Dark Theme toggle to Catalog (cd24d3f)

Full list of changes: 1.1.0-alpha05...1.1.0-alpha06

Assets 3

@wcshi wcshi released this Mar 27, 2019

  • Add elevation overlays support for dark theme in BottomAppBar (d1b56c3), BottomNavigationView (d6cb349), Bottomsheet (a192f47), Chip (6ebcd64) Dialogs (19b6960), FloatingActionButton (3f43a2a), MaterialButton (5848f1f), MaterialCardView (1a1788a), Switch (f0c4e8b); demo (7b59439)
  • Add MaterialButtonToggleGroup (cad9d7d) and demo (4895151)
  • Add MotionSpec support to ExtendedFloatingActionButton (abbec48)
  • Add Menu overlay color for APIs 23+ (912045f)
  • Add OnChangedListener to respond to ShapeAppearanceModel changes and Shapeable interface, and implement it in Chip (ca07e5f)
  • Add API to set height of a half expanded Bottomsheet, in proportion to parent height (5aebe1a)
  • Update surface colors to match spec (760a99f)
  • Update BottomSheetBehavior to use Nested Scrolling 3 (d6f7b7c)
  • Adding support for TextInputLayout start icon (2642ff2)
  • Support disabling min touch target size in FloatingActionButton (05bc557)
  • Composite chip surface and background color to reduce ovedraw (3bd6fd4)
  • Change MaterialCardView's strokeColor to be a ColorStateList (8b277ed)
  • Remove background from MaterialComponents Fab style (fd4d662)
  • Update MaterialButton checked colors (bc33a80)
  • Update BottomNavigationView's Widget.MaterialComponents style variants to use MaterialShapeDrawable (a1f6a72)
  • Change setElevation in MaterialShapeDrawable to use default offset (01874ad)
  • Improve MaterialButton Talkback support (3bce1b6)

Full list of changes: 1.1.0-alpha04...1.1.0-alpha05

Assets 3

@afohrman afohrman released this Feb 28, 2019 · 420 commits to master since this release

  • Add Extended FAB component (63d11da) and demo (b701cea)
  • Fix clipped edges of the filled text field's underline (beee015)
  • Add shadows to MaterialButton for APIs below 21 (75db215)
  • Add BottomSheetBehavior SavedState API (901ba79)
  • Fix double underline that appeared when using a TextInputLayout with a non-TextInputEditText style for the EditText child (41d919a)
  • Update chipSpacingHorizontal to 8dp match spec. (6f73e58)
  • Make CircularRevealCardView extend MaterialShapeDrawable (f42e432)
  • Add bridge themes for Dialog (5287b8e)
  • Add checked state to MaterialButton (441877f)
  • Fix padding of TextInputEditText when an icon is present (b7f520d)
  • Fix MaterialShapeDrawable bug that caused both compat and native shadows to be drawn for round rects in 21+ (c0de00c)
  • Add SCROLL_FLAG_NO_SCROLL flag for AppBarLayout.LayoutParams (76a9b23)
  • Adding support for a custom end icon for the TextInputLayout. (5685941)
  • Add an attribute for materialButtonOutlinedStyle (991927f)

Full list of changes: 1.1.0-alpha03...1.1.0-alpha04

Assets 3

@ikim24 ikim24 released this Feb 4, 2019 · 486 commits to master since this release

  • Update CoordinatorLayout to Version 1.1.0-alpha01 and update AppBarLayout to NestedScrolling3 API (80aedb9)

    The previously existing onNestedScroll(CoordinatorLayout, V, View, int, int, int, int, int) has been deprecated in favor of the new onNestedScroll(CoordinatorLayout, V, View, int, int, int, int, int, int[]) and Behavior implementations should be updated accordingly.

    If developer code currently overrides CoordinatorLayout#onNestedScroll(View, int, int, int, int, int), it will likely no longer be called and CoordinatorLayout#onNestedScroll(View, int, int, int, int, int, int[]) should be overridden instead.

  • Support checkable in MaterialCardView (4cbe3b1)
  • Add backgroundTint support to BottomNav (a083017)
  • Add Icon Padding with an insetDrawable in menus (560adc6)
  • Updated Chip to support dynamically changing texts in RTL layout (a0ab1c2)
  • Remember the selected item when adding items to BottomNavigation's menu (0055c66)
  • Fixing focus order when text fields have the password toggle enabled. (9a30c93)
  • Fix non-scrollable bottomsheet corners when set directly to STATE_EXPANDED (c94b520)
  • Fix NPE in BottomSheetBehavior onViewReleased (41daf80)
  • Only use window insets for Snackbar (BaseTransientBottomBar) bottom margin if anchor view is not provided (d1cd5d4)
  • Support custom backgrounds for outline text fields and use EditText's background for the text field's outline. (0aa470a)
  • Use stroke width to determine whether a stroke should be drawn for MaterialCardView. (6362e72)

Full list of changes: 1.1.0-alpha02...1.1.0-alpha03

Assets 3
  • Shape Theming: FloatingActionButton, MaterialButton, Chip, MaterialCardView, BottomSheet, & TextInputLayout updated to use the new Material shape system
  • Accessibility fixes for MaterialButton and Selection Controls (Checkboxes, RadioButtons, & Switches)
  • New MaterialAlertDialogBuilder class for Material themed dialogs (WIP)
  • Fix BottomAppBar Invalid Region crash on Android P (#235)
Assets 2

@dsn5ft dsn5ft released this Nov 15, 2018 · 705 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

@dsn5ft dsn5ft released this Nov 15, 2018 · 938 commits to master since this release

  • Stable release of new namespace (used to be
Assets 2
Jul 20, 2018
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