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ZabbixWebScenarioBuilder v0.0.2


Website monitoring with zabbix is powerful, it can check availability of website by perform httpcheck.

But the UI to build Web-Scenario in Zabbix-Frontend is not easy to use. So ZabbixWebScenarioBuilder will record navigator http/https traffic and convert it to a Zabbix Webscenario.


This tools use python to work

  • Python >= 3.7
  • pip


Init environment

  • On Debian Linux To Init environment use virtualenv and pip by running the following command :
virtualenv --python=/usr/bin/python3 venv
. venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirement.txt
  • On windows
c:\Program Files\Python\Python38\python.exe -m pip install virtualenv --proxy=http://<ip_of_corporate_proxy>
c:\Program Files\Python\Python38\python.exe -m pip virtualenv venv
c:\Program Files\Python\Python38\python.exe -m pip install -r requirement.txt --proxy=http://<ip_of_corporate_proxy>

Create config.ini

ZabbixWebScenarioBuilder use a file named config.ini. You must init this file from config.ini.template :

cp config.ini.template config.ini
vi config.ini
Section key description
ZABBIX zabbix_host Base URL of zabbix (ex: )
ZABBIX zabbix_user API user to log on zabbix
ZABBIX zabbix_password API password corresponding to user
ZABBIX zabbix_hostid Id of host (or Template) to inject generated webscenario
ZABBIX zabbix_ignore_header A list of extensions (end of url) of header to not put in webscenario
API recording_api_port A listen port on host to display UI
API recording_api_websocket A listen port on host to use for UI to fetch event via websocket
PROXY port A listen port for local captive proxy
PROXY proxy_ignore_ext A list (comma separated) of all extension to not recording (ex: css)


Start application via


On start application will create a proxy on localhost ( and open the EDI : Zabbix WebScenario EDI

After clicking on "To Zabbix" button, scenario will be on Zabbix

Zabbix WebScenario