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Validator node for Matic PoS layer
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Validator node for Matic Network. It uses peppermint, customized Tendermint.

Installation for development

Install all dependencies and tools

$ make dep

Build heimdall

$ make build

Start heimdall

$ make run-heimdall

Start rest-server

$ make run-server

Start bridge

$ make run-bridge

Installation with Docker

Run Docker container

Create and run docker container with mounted directory -

$ docker run --name matic-heimdall -p 1317:1317 -p 26656:26656 -p 26657:26657 -it \
    -v ~/.heimdalld:/root/.heimdalld \
    -v $(pwd)/logs:/go/src/ \
    "maticnetwork/heimdall:<tag-name>" \

Note: Do not forget to replace <tag-name> with actual tag-name.

Initialize heimdall

Once docker container is created and running you will be on container.
You can run make commands directly on the container.


Run following command from host to initalize heimdall and create config files -

$ docker exec -it matic-heimdall sh -c "make init-heimdall"

Modify heimdall-config.json

Modify ~/.heimdalld/config/heimdall-config.json file with latest contract addresses and URL's

Example heimdall-config.json

  "mainRPCUrl": "",
  "maticRPCUrl": "",
  "stakeManagerAddress": "0xd0d82149efb003eb8afd602a3c3a1532898ea1af",
  "rootchainAddress": "0x4463d704416dccf1781231c484e2aedd7dc9da43",
  "childBlockInterval": 10000,
  "checkpointerPollInterval": 60000,
  "syncerPollInterval": 30000,
  "noackPollInterval": 15000000000,
  "avgCheckpointLength": 256,
  "maxCheckpointLength": 1024,
  "noackWaitTime": 300000000000,
  "checkpointBufferTime": 256000000000

You can check your address and public key with following command:

$ docker exec -it matic-heimdall sh -c "make show-account-heimdall"

You can also check your node ID with the following command:

$ docker exec -it matic-heimdall sh -c "make show-node-id"

Adding Peers

You can add peers separated by commas at ~/.heimdalld/config/config.toml under persistent_peers With the format NodeID@IP:PORT or NodeID@DOMAIN:PORT

Start heimdall

Start heimdall and other necessary services from host

$ docker exec -it matic-heimdall sh -c "make start-all"

Logs can be found under ./logs

Run Tests

You can run tests found in tests directory to make sure everything is working as expected after making changes

$ make tests

Docker (Only for developers)

For develop

$ make build-docker-develop

For releases

$ make build-docker

Push docker image to docker hub (Only for internal team)

$ make push-docker


GNU General Public License v3.0

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