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GPlayWeb: A Web interface for GPlayCli

Original work of @matlink forked to use latest versions of fdroid and gplaycli and providing a Dockerfile for easy install.

Docker install (gplayweb + fdroid)

First, install docker.

Then, to use the last version of container on dockerhub:

docker run --name gplayweb -p matlink/gplayweb

You can also build the container yourself

docker build -t gplayweb .

Then run it

docker run --name gplayweb -p gplayweb

To preserve gplayweb and fdroid data, mount a local folder as docker volume:

docker run --name gplayweb -p -v ~/fdroid/:/data/fdroid matlink/gplayweb

Then, you may want to expose your (static) fdroid repo using a nginx container

docker run --name fdroid-nginx -p 8080:80 -v ~/fdroid/repo:/usr/share/nginx/html:ro nginx

As a result, you can access gplayweb on localhost and the fdroid repository on your.ip.address:8080.

Installation (consider using a virtualenv)

For both methods, you'll need those packages

# apt-get install python-dev python-pip libffi-dev

pip method

Use pip install gplayweb to install it. If you got a SandboxViolation for gplaycli, install it before with pip install gplaycli. After that, rename /etc/gplayweb/gplayweb.conf.example to /etc/gplayweb/gplayweb.conf and change parameters.

git method

  • Clone this repo:

      $ git clone
  • Install gplayweb requirements with pip :

      $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Copy gplayweb.conf.example to gplayweb.conf and change the settings (you can comment unwanted lines out with #)

  • If you plan to add compatibility with F-Droid repo, ensure to uncomment the two config variables fdroid_repo_dir and fdroid_exec.


$ ./gplayweb -h
usage: [-h] [-c CONF_FILE]

A web interface for GPlayCli

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c CONF_FILE, --config CONF_FILE
                        Use a different config file than gplayweb.conf

FDroid Compatibility

Based on python-imaging may be needed to update FDroid repository, don't forget to install it.

  • create user gplayweb : adduser gplayweb --disabled-password

  • go to /opt directory : cd /opt

  • get android SDK : wget

  • untar it : tar xvfz android-sdk_r24.3.4-linux.tgz

  • give it to gplayweb : chown gplayweb android-sdk-linux -R

  • put ANDROID_HOME env variable to your .bashrc : echo export ANDROID_HOME=/opt/android-sdk-linux >> ~/.bashrc

  • put android tools to your PATH variable : echo 'export PATH=$PATH:$ANDROID_HOME/tools' >> ~/.bashrc

  • reload .bashrc : source ~/.bashrc

  • if you don't have java (java -version) : apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk

  • install Android 22 SDK : android update sdk --no-ui -a --filter 4

  • install platform-tools : android update sdk --no-ui --filter platform-tools

  • clone fdroidserver : cd /opt && git clone && cd fdroidserver

  • install fdroidserver : sudo apt-get install fdroidserver

  • go to the folder where you want to host your fdroid repo : cd /opt/fdroid/

  • give it to gplayweb : chown gplayweb . -R

  • for android aapt to work, you need these packages : apt-get install lib32stdc++6 lib32z1

  • initialize fdroid repo : fdroid init

  • then in /etc/gplayweb/gplayweb.conf :




LSB script

It might still be a bit buggy. Change USER for the user which will run the daemon (gplayweb in this example), and ANDROID_SDK for the path of the android-sdk you have configured earlier (/opt/android-sdk-linux in this example).

$ /etc/init.d/gplayweb {start|stop|restart|status}

Please me hard enough if you want a systemd unit :D


Use pip uninstall gplayweb, and remove conf, templates and static files with rm -rf /etc/gplayweb /usr/share/gplayweb. Should be clean, except python dependancies for gplayweb and gplaycli.


GPlayWeb: A Web interface for GPlayCli







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