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import functools
import uuid
from matplotlib import cbook, docstring
import matplotlib.artist as martist
from matplotlib.axes._axes import Axes
from matplotlib.gridspec import GridSpec, SubplotSpec
import matplotlib._layoutbox as layoutbox
class SubplotBase:
Base class for subplots, which are :class:`Axes` instances with
additional methods to facilitate generating and manipulating a set
of :class:`Axes` within a figure.
def __init__(self, fig, *args, **kwargs):
fig : `matplotlib.figure.Figure`
*args : tuple (*nrows*, *ncols*, *index*) or int
The array of subplots in the figure has dimensions ``(nrows,
ncols)``, and *index* is the index of the subplot being created.
*index* starts at 1 in the upper left corner and increases to the
If *nrows*, *ncols*, and *index* are all single digit numbers, then
*args* can be passed as a single 3-digit number (e.g. 234 for
(2, 3, 4)).
self.figure = fig
self._subplotspec = SubplotSpec._from_subplot_args(fig, args)
# _axes_class is set in the subplot_class_factory
self._axes_class.__init__(self, fig, self.figbox, **kwargs)
# add a layout box to this, for both the full axis, and the poss
# of the axis. We need both because the axes may become smaller
# due to parasitic axes and hence no longer fill the subplotspec.
if self._subplotspec._layoutbox is None:
self._layoutbox = None
self._poslayoutbox = None
name = + '.ax'
name = name + layoutbox.seq_id()
self._layoutbox = layoutbox.LayoutBox(
self._poslayoutbox = layoutbox.LayoutBox(
pos=True, subplot=True, artist=self)
def __reduce__(self):
# get the first axes class which does not inherit from a subplotbase
axes_class = next(
c for c in type(self).__mro__
if issubclass(c, Axes) and not issubclass(c, SubplotBase))
return (_picklable_subplot_class_constructor,
def get_geometry(self):
"""Get the subplot geometry, e.g., (2, 2, 3)."""
rows, cols, num1, num2 = self.get_subplotspec().get_geometry()
return rows, cols, num1 + 1 # for compatibility
# COVERAGE NOTE: Never used internally or from examples
def change_geometry(self, numrows, numcols, num):
"""Change subplot geometry, e.g., from (1, 1, 1) to (2, 2, 3)."""
self._subplotspec = GridSpec(numrows, numcols,
figure=self.figure)[num - 1]
def get_subplotspec(self):
"""Return the SubplotSpec instance associated with the subplot."""
return self._subplotspec
def set_subplotspec(self, subplotspec):
"""Set the SubplotSpec instance associated with the subplot."""
self._subplotspec = subplotspec
def get_gridspec(self):
"""Return the GridSpec instance associated with the subplot."""
return self._subplotspec.get_gridspec()
def update_params(self):
"""Update the subplot position from ``self.figure.subplotpars``."""
self.figbox, _, _, self.numRows, self.numCols = \
@cbook.deprecated("3.2", alternative="ax.get_subplotspec().rowspan.start")
def rowNum(self):
return self.get_subplotspec().rowspan.start
@cbook.deprecated("3.2", alternative="ax.get_subplotspec().colspan.start")
def colNum(self):
return self.get_subplotspec().colspan.start
def is_first_row(self):
return self.get_subplotspec().rowspan.start == 0
def is_last_row(self):
return self.get_subplotspec().rowspan.stop == self.get_gridspec().nrows
def is_first_col(self):
return self.get_subplotspec().colspan.start == 0
def is_last_col(self):
return self.get_subplotspec().colspan.stop == self.get_gridspec().ncols
def label_outer(self):
Only show "outer" labels and tick labels.
x-labels are only kept for subplots on the last row; y-labels only for
subplots on the first column.
lastrow = self.is_last_row()
firstcol = self.is_first_col()
if not lastrow:
for label in self.get_xticklabels(which="both"):
if not firstcol:
for label in self.get_yticklabels(which="both"):
def _make_twin_axes(self, *args, **kwargs):
"""Make a twinx axes of self. This is used for twinx and twiny."""
if 'sharex' in kwargs and 'sharey' in kwargs:
# The following line is added in v2.2 to avoid breaking Seaborn,
# which currently uses this internal API.
if kwargs["sharex"] is not self and kwargs["sharey"] is not self:
raise ValueError("Twinned Axes may share only one axis")
# The dance here with label is to force add_subplot() to create a new
# Axes (by passing in a label never seen before). Note that this does
# not affect plot reactivation by subplot() as twin axes can never be
# reactivated by subplot().
sentinel = str(uuid.uuid4())
real_label = kwargs.pop("label", sentinel)
twin = self.figure.add_subplot(
self.get_subplotspec(), *args, label=sentinel, **kwargs)
if real_label is not sentinel:
if self._layoutbox is not None and twin._layoutbox is not None:
# make the layout boxes be explicitly the same
self._twinned_axes.join(self, twin)
return twin
# this here to support cartopy which was using a private part of the
# API to register their Axes subclasses.
# In 3.1 this should be changed to a dict subclass that warns on use
# In 3.3 to a dict subclass that raises a useful exception on use
# In 3.4 should be removed
# The slow timeline is to give cartopy enough time to get several
# release out before we break them.
_subplot_classes = {}
def subplot_class_factory(axes_class=None):
This makes a new class that inherits from `.SubplotBase` and the
given axes_class (which is assumed to be a subclass of `.axes.Axes`).
This is perhaps a little bit roundabout to make a new class on
the fly like this, but it means that a new Subplot class does
not have to be created for every type of Axes.
if axes_class is None:
"3.3", message="Support for passing None to subplot_class_factory "
"is deprecated; explicitly pass the default Axes class instead.")
axes_class = Axes
# Avoid creating two different instances of GeoAxesSubplot...
# Only a temporary backcompat fix. This should be removed in
# 3.4
return next(cls for cls in SubplotBase.__subclasses__()
if cls.__bases__ == (SubplotBase, axes_class))
except StopIteration:
return type("%sSubplot" % axes_class.__name__,
(SubplotBase, axes_class),
{'_axes_class': axes_class})
Subplot = subplot_class_factory(Axes) # Provided for backward compatibility.
def _picklable_subplot_class_constructor(axes_class):
This stub class exists to return the appropriate subplot class when called
with an axes class. This is purely to allow pickling of Axes and Subplots.
subplot_class = subplot_class_factory(axes_class)
return subplot_class.__new__(subplot_class)