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Developer Area

The matplotlib development calendar

Important dates in matplotlib development are managed on a Google Calendar. Use the links below to subscribe.

XML, iCal, HTML.

matplotlib enhancement proposals (MEPs)

MEPs are used to track the progress of larger changes to matplotlib that are not easily encapsulated into a single pull request.

New MEPs should be created as PRs into the documentation.

  • Discussion MEP8: Improve PEP8 compliance.
  • Discussion MEP9: Add a global manager for all user interactivity with artists; make any artist resizeable, moveable, highlightable, and selectable as desired by the user.
  • Progress 1.3 MEP10: Modernize documentation.
  • Completed 1.3 MEP11: Improve third-party dependency resolution.
  • Progress 1.3 MEP12: Reorganize example gallery and clean up examples.
  • Discussion MEP13: Use python properties
  • Discussion MEP14: Improve text handling
  • Discussion MEP15: Fix axis autoscaling when limits are specified for one axis only
  • Proposed MEP16: Constraint-based layout (continuation of #1109)
  • Proposed MEP17: Interactive tweaking of plots
  • Proposed MEP18: Plottable object interface
  • Proposed MEP19: Improve continuous integration, nightly builds of code and docs
  • Proposed MEP20: Interactive gallery/examples
  • Proposed MEP21: Overhaul color handling
  • Progress Mep22: Separation of user interaction from Canvas and Toolbar
  • Discussion MEP23: Group several figures under the same FigureManager
  • Discussion MEP24: Negative values in polar plots
  • Discussion MEP25: Data Controller layer
  • Discussion MEP26: Artist Style Sheet
  • Progress MEP27: Backend Refactor (Gcf)
  • Discussion MEP28: Don't force alpha
  • Discussion MEP30: Grid population strategies
  • Discussion MEP31: Dimension unit handling

Meetings and Sprints

Scipy 2013

Scipy 2014


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Current merge policy:

  • So rst changes only go on v1.5.0-doc and we should manually rebuild the posted docs
  • Bug fixes go on v1.5.x just in case
  • Bug fixes plus style go on to v2.x
  • Master is fair game for anything at this point
  • And all those branches should be merged up regularly: V1.5.0-doc into v1.5.x into v2.x into master