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ScalarFormatter creates useless offsets by default #461

jalan opened this Issue Sep 8, 2011 · 8 comments

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jalan commented Sep 8, 2011

Here is a minimal example of this issue in action. Take a look at the offsets we get by default:


import matplotlib.pyplot

# Sample data
x = [1, 2, 3, 4]
y1 = [1119, 1125, 1122, 1118]
y2 = [0.002101, 0.002104, 0.002103, 0.002102]

# Plot the data
figure_1 = matplotlib.pyplot.figure()
axes_1 = figure_1.add_subplot(211) 
axes_1.plot(x, y1)
axes_2 = figure_1.add_subplot(212)
axes_2.plot(x, y2)

# View

These offsets are less than helpful. For now I just constantly use

Matplotlib Developers member

Agreed, I have never quite liked the offset chosen by the formatter. A while back, I attempted to come up with an algorithm that tried to determine the common significant digits of a set of values, but there were several cases where it failed to do what was desired. Maybe I should look at that code again and see if I could get it working.

jalan commented Sep 8, 2011

Perhaps this feature should be off by default, at least until the algorithm is improved? I admit it could be useful occasionally, but right now it can produce some rather surprising results!

jalan commented Sep 10, 2011

Another problem: a y-axis offset showed up by default again, but this time I am using the DateFormatter. No problem, I'll turn it off as usual:

axes_1 = figure_1.add_subplot(111)
axes_1.plot_date(x, y, xdate=True)
AttributeError: This method only works with the ScalarFormatter.

Can't turn it off! But it we put the commands in another order, can we trick it into giving us what we want?:

axes_1 = figure_1.add_subplot(111)
axes_1.plot_date(x, y, xdate=True)

No error, and I get what I want!

Matplotlib Developers member
Matplotlib Developers member

I've been looking into this a little bit. It doesn't matter how many common significant figures there are, if the number of them gets much bigger than, say, two the offset becomes unreadable.

How about always using an offset in normalised notation?


useOffset should be set to False by default.

untom commented Nov 4, 2013


I recently stumbled over this issue, it took me quite some time to figure out what was wrong with my plots, because I didn't interpret my axis correctly. I find this behavior very confusing. The fact that everyone in this issue seems to agree, yet no patch has been presented is a bit weird.

Matplotlib Developers member

Closing because #2401 which provides an rcParam for the value of useoffset has been merged

@tacaswell tacaswell closed this Nov 8, 2013
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