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rcParams.keys() is not Python 3 compatible #1721

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When I run rcParams.keys() in Python 3 I get the following exception:

AttributeError: 'dict_keys' object has no attribute 'sort'

This is due to the fact that the keys method does not return a list but a dict_keys object, which has no sort method.

To retain the behavior from Python 2 I suggest the following patch:

--- a/lib/matplotlib/
+++ b/lib/matplotlib/
@@ -733,7 +733,7 @@ See rcParams.keys() for a list of valid parameters.' % (key,))
         Return sorted list of keys.
-        k = dict.keys(self)
+        k = list(dict.keys(self))
         return k

This works fine in Python 2 and 3.

For completeness, I used Python 3.2.3 and matplotlib 1.2.0 from Debian unstable/experimental.

Thanks for the great work.


The transformation you quote should already have been performed by 2to3. Are you perhaps importing matplotlib from the source tree, or from a 2.x install?


I agree that 2to3 should do this but it doesn't. You can test that easily by running 2to3 on
The reason is probably that we directly call the method of the dict class instead of the keys method of a dict instance. In the latter case 2to3 would add list() as expected.

So this seems to be a deficiency in 2to3 rather than matplotlib. I can report this to the Python bug tracker but I am not sure there will be a fix for that.

For the time being I guess we need a manual fix. What is your opinion?


There are no Travis failures indicating errors of this kind, so I am curious as to why you get this error. How does the error arise? Do you get it right after import matplotlib?


Addendum: AFAIK, Travis runs 2to3 on the whole source tree.


Generally, matplotlib in Python 3 works fine. I got this error while trying to modify rcParams from ipython (If you just type rcParams to see all parameters, you get the error). It's clearly a minor issue that can easily go unnoticed. I guess none of the tests try the keys() method of rcParams.


Has your ipython been built with python 3?


Yes, it has. This issue does not have anything to do with ipython, I just happened to notice it there first.

Steps to reproduce this with plain python3:

>>> import matplotlib
>>> matplotlib.rcParams.keys()
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
  File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/matplotlib/", line 726, in keys
AttributeError: 'dict_keys' object has no attribute 'sort'

Interesting -- I see this now -- 2to3 is not covering this as I expected.

2to3 does do this:

 x = {}
-for k in x.keys():
+for k in list(x.keys()):

But leaves this alone (perhaps because there is an argument to keys here).

class Foo(dict):
    def keys(self):
        k = dict.keys(self)
        return k

I'll go ahead and attach a commit with the change you recommended.

@mdboom mdboom merged commit 02832c9 into matplotlib:v1.2.x

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@juliantaylor juliantaylor referenced this pull request in ipython/ipython

f.__globals__ causes an error in Python 3.3 #3027

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@@ -733,7 +733,7 @@ def keys(self):
Return sorted list of keys.
- k = dict.keys(self)
+ k = list(dict.keys(self))
return k
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