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A new basis for open, interoperable, decentralised real-time communication


  1. matrix-spec-proposals matrix-spec-proposals Public

    Proposals for changes to the matrix specification

    944 368

  2. matrix-js-sdk matrix-js-sdk Public

    Matrix Client-Server SDK for JavaScript

    TypeScript 1.4k 573

  3. matrix-rust-sdk matrix-rust-sdk Public

    Matrix Client-Server SDK for Rust

    Rust 1.1k 209

  4. mjolnir mjolnir Public

    A moderation tool for Matrix

    TypeScript 294 50

  5. sliding-sync sliding-sync Public

    Proxy implementation of MSC3575's sync protocol.

    Go 190 25

  6. vodozemac vodozemac Public

    An implementation of Olm and Megolm in pure Rust.

    Rust 106 21


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