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Matrix Angular SDK


matrix-angular-sdk is not currently being maintained or developed by the core team, and whilst stable it has some serious performance issues; Angular makes it a bit too easy to shoot yourself in the foot and doesn't help you escape when you do so. All of our current focus is going into the, and stack instead - please use those rather than this if you want support from the core team. Thanks!


This project provides AngularJS services for implementing the Client-Server API on Matrix : an open standard for interoperable Instant Messaging and VoIP. It comes shipped with Synapse : a home server reference implementation.

This project also provides a complete, stand-alone client which can communicate with Matrix home servers using a web browser.

The Synapse homeserver ships the latest stable version of this library. If you wish it to serve up a development copy instead, then you must configure this checkout to be picked up by synapse:

$ python develop --user


To run the stand-alone client, the syweb/webclient folder must be hosted. This can most easily be achieved by:

cd syweb/webclient
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Navigate to http://localhost:8000 to see the client.

Bugs / Feature Requests

Think you've found a bug? Want a new feature on the client? Please open an issue on JIRA:

  • Create an account and login to
  • Navigate to the SYWEB project.
  • Click Create Issue - Please be as descriptive as possible, with reproduction steps if possible.

All issues in JIRA are public.


Want to fix a bug or add a new feature? Check JIRA first to see if someone else is handling this issue. If no one is actively working on the issue, then please fork the develop branch when writing your fix, and open a pull request when you're ready. Do not base your pull requests off master.


The web client can be configured by adding a config.js file in the syweb/webclient directory. This includes configuration for setting up ReCaptcha. An example file can be found at syweb/webclient/config.sample.js.


The app directory contains the SDK, which is split up into subfolders depending on the logical scope of the code. The components directory contains reusable components which are used in many places. More specific directories such as home and settings contain code specific to that part of the app: e.g. the home screen and settings page respectively.

The Client-Server API is encapsulated as an AngularJS service called matrixService. There are also complementary services such as eventStreamService which handle more complex non-HTTP client logic.

Services can be used independently provided their dependencies are satisfied.

  • matrixService is provided at the lowest level, as it just wraps the raw HTTP calls.
  • modelService allows models of matrix objects to be accessed, such as User, Room, RoomState and RoomMember, and provides convenience functions to perform HTTP calls on these objects (e.g. Room.leave).
  • eventHandlerService interprets raw Matrix events and determines what needs to be stored with the modelService.
  • eventStreamService controls long-polling behaviour on the /events HTTP call.
  • typingService controls the submission of typing events into a room.
  • presenceService controls the submission of presence events.

Alternatively, you can use different controllers and html templates and leave the services to work together as is.


Tests are contained in the test directory. They require Karma (running PhantomJS) and Jasmine 2.x+ in order to run. Assuming you have the required karma plugins, you can run the tests by running karma start in the test directory.


File icons are taken from and distributed under the terms of the Paid License (invoice #7355)

Keyboard and GIF icon from icons8: