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Synapse wiki

For now, this is just a quick dumping ground of useful Synapse snippets which otherwise are going to get lost across scrollback, gists, scripts etc.

Useful SQL queries

In future these should be wrapped up as a proper admin API (with a matching CLI tool). For now, here's the raw SQL:

Deleting users: ...

Deleting your copy of a room: ...

What servers are my server talking to?

SELECT * FROM destinations;

What servers are currently participating in this room?

SELECT DISTINCT split_part(state_key, ':', 2)
    FROM current_state_events AS c
    INNER JOIN room_memberships AS m USING (room_id, event_id)
    WHERE room_id = '!cURbafjkfsMDVwdRDQ:matrix.org' AND membership = 'join';

Manually resetting passwords:

UPDATE users SET password_hash='$2a$12$CC5r6fEe......' where name='@user:domain.com';