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Global Collapse: Pandemic


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Global Collapse: Pandemic (Now PWA compatible!)

Deadly virus is spreading across the globe. Will you survive?

New deadly strain of coronavirus is spreading across the entire planet. The world economy is in ruins and governments are collapsing. Join now to see if you can survive in this dystopian future.

Join now at

MMORPG Persistent Browser Based Game (PBBG) set in an alternate near future in where the COVID-19 mutated and wiped most of the human population. Made with Nette Framework.


Still very early access, so much of the features are still yet to come.

  • PWA
    • Players can add the site to their home screen and have it behave like a native app
    • Offline capabilities
  • RPG Character
    • Leveling
    • Skill training
  • MMO elements
    • PvP
    • Leaderboard
  • Events
    • Social distancing event - bar is closed
  • Darknet - black market
    • Drug trade
      • Drug prices change every 5 hours to a semi-random value. Business 101: Buy low, sell high
    • Weapon trade
  • Buildings
    • Player lands - each player will have own land with set number of plots to build buildings on
    • Resource production (drug labs, plantations, etc)
  • Market - for buying other stuff
  • Bar - this is where you'll get your missions from
    • Missions
  • Wastelands - area outside the city
    • Scavenging
      • Go scavenging into the wastelands and get some small reward
      • Useful for when you will be out of the game for a while, so that your character does at least something while you're AFK

Support the project

You can support this project by donating. Any donation would be a huge help and is much appreciated.



Bitcoin: 35VRpVQaqFWjUCnVRpGineShz76QyYgSVg

Monero: 84yS17W3dLvV6Lj2XaATgYX4Ef7tPpGtmdBoanyL68GofxM2VQD8ZUNWaKpdyerJdZ7mceQ6r7e8G2om6q6k8zEZ4ndy2xG


For full changelog see

[0.2.1] - 2022-06-13

  • Added: Account recovery
  • Added: Unlockables
  • Added: 9 unlockable items
  • Added: 9 new avatars
  • Added: New building (Ecstasy Lab)
  • Added: Collecting all buildings at once (unlockable)
  • Added: Unlock faster training by attacking in Assaults
  • Changed: Training costs more
  • Changed: Increase money rewards for missions
  • Changed: Darknet offers now change to a new one when vendor runs out of money
  • Minor fixes and modifications

[0.2.0] - 2020-06-24

  • Mobile pop-up informing that the site is PWA compatible and instructions how to install
  • Added: Russian translation (by pase80)
  • Added: Leaderboard with all player, not just top 10
  • Added: News page
  • Added: Account settings
    • Timezone preferences
    • Email settings
  • Added: Assault statistics
  • Added: Land upgrades
    • Players can now upgrade their lands to get more building slots
  • Changed: Assaults page and player detail
  • Various updates and minor fixes

[0.1.4] - 2020-05-24

  • Updated: Darknet prices (see the Wiki for current prices)
  • Added: New jobs
  • Added: "Did you know" cards during jobs
  • Adjusted: Experience gain from missions

[0.1.3] - 2020-05-23

  • Added: Player Assaults (PvP)!
  • Added: Building upgrades
  • Fixed: Money overflowing 32bit integer range (#2)
  • UI Adjustments

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