Bare-bones continuous integration using Docker Hub and Slack.
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A shim to get webhook POSTs from Docker Hub and post them to Slack.


Put your project up on Docker Hub

First, make a Dockerfile and add it to the root of your repository. You can test it locally with

sudo docker build .

after installing Docker.

Then push your project to Docker Hub.

Make a new Incoming Webhook in Slack's Integrations

Copy the webhook URL.

Webserver-side configuration

Set up dependencies:

sudo apt-get install python-requests python-twisted

Set shell variables for your webhook URL and a port (which can be any integer between 1024 and 65535; we have 8080 here as an example):

export slack_url=''
export relay_port=8080

Clone this repo. Make a file channel_selector.json in the repo directory that maps the repo path on Docker Hub to a channel in your Slack chat. For example, to map and our C++ build environment to the relevant channels, the file would be:



After running


visit and you should get the message "Relay is running."

Now, when your build pushes to Docker Hub you should get a nice notification in Slack.