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Netlify Status


Hello and welcome to the source files for by Matt and Adriana. Learn more about the blog on the About page.

Site construction

The site was generated with the blogdown package from the mighty Yihui Xie.

We used the Hugo Lithium Theme forked from @jrutheiser/hugo-lithium-theme and modified by the legendary Yihui Xie.

The site is hosted with Netlify.

For authors


  1. From the terminal: git clone
  2. Open rostrum-blog.Rproj in RStudio
  3. Start a new branch with git branch new/post-slug from the RStudio terminal (where post-slug is the expected short-name that will go in the URL) and git checkout new/post-slug to move the HEAD to this branch
  4. Go to Addins > New Post in RStudio (assumes blogdown is installed)
  5. In the pop-up, complete the title, author, categories and tags (choose from existing ones where possible; the Lithium theme doesn't yet have support for displaying tags and categories in their own pages, but fill this in anyway because we might sort it out in future) and select the 'R Markdown (.Rmd)' radio button
  6. Write your post (for images, go to Addins > Add image)
  7. Go to Addins > Serve site and the site while render to the viewer (view in-browser with the 'Show in new window' button in the viewer menu)
  8. git commit and git push to new/post-slug as required when drafting the post
  9. Perform a pull request

Simple process

Don't create a separate branch. Just add draft: yes to the YAML of your post. You can serve site and push commits without this post going live. When ready, change the YAML to draft: no and it will go live when the site is served, committed and pushed.


  • New .Rmd posts are added to content > post
  • Serving the site renders the .html and adds static files (images) to static > post
  • Pushing to GitHub triggers Netlify to recognise the changes and render the site
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