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Python wrapper for US Dept. of Labor API
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Python wrapper for the US Dept. of Labor's developer API.


Usage is straightforward:

import python_usdol

conn = python_usdol.Connection(token='mytoken', secret='mysharedsecret')

data = conn.fetch_data('FAQ', 'Topic')

Where 'FAQ' and 'Topic' are the names of the targeted dataset and table within the dataset, respectively. For a full list of datasets and tables, please consult the Dept. of Labor's developer website, linked above.

fetch_data returns a dictionary, with a key for each column on the database you've specified, with an additional __metadata key.

Some datasets have "multipart" names, e.g. the Consumer Expenditure Survey Dataset. In this case, since the base url is, vice e.g. .../V1/FORMS, for the first argument to fetch data, you would pass the "multipart" Agency name:

data = conn.fetch_data('Statistics/ConsumerExpenditure', '<desired table name>')


Python-USDOL has support for the following methods outlined in the DOL's API Access Guide:

  • $metadata
  • $top
  • $skip
  • $orderby
  • $filter


Using the filter method goes thusly:

data = conn.fetch_data("FAQ", "Topic", filter_="TopicID eq 5")

Since filter is a keyword in Python, Python-USDOL uses filter_ in its place.


Please help make this API better for everyone by reporting bugs, forking and submitting patches.

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