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Simple, small, C++ embeddable webserver with WebSockets support
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Seasocks - A tiny embeddable C++ HTTP and WebSocket server

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  • Simple C++ API
  • Serves static content from disk
  • API for building WebSocket servers
  • Simple command line binary for quick serving of static files only
  • Supports newer Hybi-10 and Hybi-16 WebSockets as well as the older Hixie style.

Stuff it doesn't do

  • It's not nearly as configurable as Apache, Lighttpd, Nginx, Jetty, etc.
  • It provides only limited support for custom content generation (e.g. Servlets).
  • It has been designed for WebSocket based control.
  • It's Linux focused and probably wont work on other systems (however patches to support other systems are welcome)

Getting started

Check out the tutorial on the wiki.

See src/app/c/ws_test.cpp for an example.

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