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This tool helps convert a copy-and-pasted running race training plan, into an ICS file that can be imported into a calendar system.

This tool adds assumes that each day of the week has the same type of activity each week, and adds corresponding notes to the ICS event field. It also adds the URL to the bottom of the description.

To use:

  1. Set a start_date or end_date below (but not both).
  2. Copy/paste the tab-split training plan table into the raw_data string below.
  3. Then add day_of_week_details entries for each day of the week (if you want).
  4. If you want an URL added to the end of the details, add one to the url variable below.
  5. The output ICS file will be written to the file output_filename, change this filename if you like.

Assumptions and limitations:

  • Assumes the training plan is full weeks (no partial weeks).
  • Assumes the same details for each day of the week, so you'll have to edit the event descriptions for exceptional events (like a race).


For converting a running training plan from the web into an ICS file to import into your calendar



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