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Intefaces to redmine.


Provide Interfaces to redmine APIs.

API Implements
Issues 100%
Projects 100%
Project Memberships 100%
Users 0%
Time Entries 100%
News 100%
Issue Relations 100%
Versions 100%
Wiki Pages 100%
Queries 0%
Attachments 0%
Issue Statuses 100%
Trackers 100%
Enumerations 100%
Issue Categories 100%
Roles 100%
Groups 0%


Provide command line tool for redmine.


godmine <command> <subcommand> [arguments]

Project Commands:
  add      a create project with text editor.
             $ godmine p a

  create   c create project from given arguments.
             $ godmine p c name identifier description

  update   u update given project.
             $ godmine p u 1

  show     s show given project.
             $ godmine p s 1

  delete   d delete given project.
             $ godmine p d 1

  list     l listing projects.
             $ godmine p l

Issue Commands:
  add      a create issue with text editor.
             $ godmine i a

  create   c create issue from given arguments.
             $ godmine i c subject description

  update   u update given issue.
             $ godmine i u 1

  show     s show given issue.
             $ godmine i s 1

  delete   d delete given issue.
             $ godmine i d 1

  close    x close given issue.
             $ godmine i x 1

  notes    n add notes to given issue.
             $ godmine i n 1

  list     l listing issues.
             $ godmine i l


To use this, you should create settings.json in:





Write following:

	"endpoint": "",
	"apikey": "YOUR-API-KEY",
	"project": 1 // default project id

If you want switching configuration file, you should use GODMINE_ENV environment variable. If you set GODMINE_ENV to mine, godmine use settings.mine.json to configuration file.




Yasuhiro Matsumoto (a.k.a mattn)

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