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Vim plugin for using Elixir's build tool, mix
Vim script
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Plugin for using Elixir's build tool, mix.


I recommend installing pathogen.vim, then running the following:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone git://


  • :Mix [command] runs the default mix task (the "run" task, unless otherwise configured), or the given command.
  • :Mclean cleans generated application files
  • :Mcompile compiles sources files
  • :Mdeps lists project dependencies and their status
  • :Mdeps clean removes dependency files
  • :Mdeps compile compiles dependencies
  • :Mdeps get gets all out of date dependencies
  • :Mdeps unlock unlocks all dependencies
  • :Mdeps update updates project dependencies
  • :Mtest runs the project's tests

Planned commands

  • :Mixfile opens the project Mixfile.
  • :Mdeps unlock <deps> unlocks specific dependencies
  • :Mdeps update <deps> updates specific dependencies
  • :Mdo executes the commands separated by comma
  • :Mescript generates an escript and replaces the current buffer
  • :Mrun runs the given expression


Copyright © Matthew Conway. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license.

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