A Craft plugin for browsing Snipcart API information from the Craft control panel.
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Snipcart Craft Plugin

Browse Snipcart orders, customers, and discounts from the Craft control panel. This is a work in progress, with discounts being completely un-tested and a rough web hook for handling quantities and emailing order notifications. It should be useful out of the box, but any improvements are welcome!

The Craft plugin's main view.

Installation and Setup

Drop the snipcart folder in your craft/plugins directory, then visit Settings → Plugins and install the Snipcart plugin.

Create yourself a private Snipcart API key by logging into the Snipcart control panel and creating a new Secret API Key from Account → Credentials. Use this new secret key for your Craft install. Once added, you can allow users access to the Snipcart section and all orders, customers, and coupons will be available for browsing.

Edit templates/email.twig to control what order notification emails look like if you should use them.

The webhook can also decrement quantities for you. You're in luck if you happen to use a productSku entry field to match Snipcart's order ID, and then productInventory for tracking quantity on hand. If your field names are different, you'll want to update controllers/Snipcart_WebhooksController.php.


  • Information is read-only, and limited to what's available from the Snipcart API.
  • A web hook is available at http://yoursite.com/actions/snipcart/webhooks/handle, and you can edit controllers/Snipcart_WebhooksController for your setup.
  • I've not yet tested the Discounts view.
  • I'm certain that the templates could be improved, so please don't judge too harshly.

Hopefully this will be helpful to someone integrating with Snipart. I'm open to whatever issues or pull requests anybody might have!