Designed to to be displayed on an old phone - host locally, direct your device's browser to the page, and mount the device wherever you want.
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PiHole Disable Buttons

A micro, stupid simple PiHole "control" panel - designed to allow your users to disable PiHole for a limited amount of time (without giving them the admin password). Host locally (requires PHP), direct an old device's browser to the page, and mount the device wherever you want.


You can find more detailed setup info on my blog post here.

Assuming you already have a web server with PHP installed, installation takes 2 steps:

  1. Create the directory where you want to host the panel and clone the repository into it:

git clone .

  1. Copy config.example.php to config.php and edit it with your PiHole address and API key.

Security Precaution

Theoretically, this app doesn't need PHP - I'm merely using it to hide the API key. If you don't use HTTPS on your PiHole server (the API URL you entered in the config.php) and you're not hosting this panel on the same server as PiHole (your API URL doesn't start with, then this kind of defeats the purpose and you may be transmitting your API key un-encrypted across the network.

Extra Information

Built with just HTML/CSS, jQuery and PHP. The UI checks the status of the PiHole server every 10 seconds. If you want more/different disable-length options, just adjust index.html and do.php.

If you're going to mount an old iPhone like I did, use Guided Access to prevent users from leaving Safari.


  • API Error - check the API entered key in config.php
  • Connection Error - make sure the web server can ping the PiHole server (and make sure PiHole is online!)
  • Stuck on Connecting... - make sure your browser's Javascript is enabled