Ant task that generates report on file sizes.
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#Image Size Report Ant Task#

Generates a report of filenames and image dimensions for a set of image files. The output file format is customisable, but the default looks like:


Build it like this (a jar will be generated in a build directory):

ant jar

Use it like this:

<taskdef resource='antlib.xml' classpath="path/to/image-size-report.jar" />


<target name="...">
      <fileset dir="..." />
        <includes ... />

The fileset is a normal ant fileset that should include all the image files you want in the report.

The attributes you can set are:

  • reportFile - the name of the file to be generated (required).
  • checkUpToDate - if the report file is newer than all the image files the report won't be regenerated. Set this to false if you want to force regeneration of the report. (Default true).
  • failOnUnreadable - by default, if any files in the fileset cannot be interpreted as an image file, the file will be skipped over and not included in the report, but the build will not fail. Set this attribute to true if instead you want the build to fail if an unreadable files is found. (Default false).
  • format - the format of the output file, as specified by the java.text.MessageFormat class. {0} is replaced with the path of the file (relative to the base directory of the fileset), {1} is the height of the image and {2} is the width. You need to be careful of getting your escapes right with this field - both xml escapes (so use &lt; rather than <) and the relevant MessageFormat escapes (mainly single quotes). (Default "{0},{1},{2}").

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