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A maubot that posts RSS feed updates to Matrix.


Basic commands:

  • !rss subscribe <url> - Subscribe the current room to a feed.
  • !rss unsubscribe <feed ID> - Unsubscribe the current room from a feed.
  • !rss subscriptions - List subscriptions (and feed IDs) in the current room.
  • !rss notice <feed ID> [true/false] - Set whether the bot should send new posts as m.notice (if false, they're sent as m.text).
  • !rss template <feed ID> [new template] - Change the post template for a feed in the current room. If the new template is omitted, the bot replies with the current template.


The default template is New post in $feed_title: [$title]($link).

Templates are interpreted as markdown with some simple variable substitution. The following variables are available:

  • $feed_url - The URL that was used to subscribe to the feed.
  • $feed_link - The home page of the feed.
  • $feed_title - The title of the feed.
  • $feed_subtitle - The subtitle of the feed.
  • $id - The unique ID of the entry.
  • $date - The date of the entry.
  • $title - The title of the entry.
  • $summary - The summary/description of the entry.
  • $link - The link of the entry.