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ahkbook - a book on AutoHotkey

Information on this project can be found on its start page or in the forum post.


Please help me with this project. Add your posts, ideas, knowledge, experience to help AutoHotkey beginners, and to provide a reference for advanced users!

To contribute, do the following:

  • if you're on github: checkout the wiki page

  • otherwise send me your comments, ideas, patches, ... via the AutoHotkey forums or PM me there.

In either way,

  • add your posts
  • author posts mentioned in the index (those in red)
  • improve and complete existing posts
  • translate posts in other languages (place them in a corresponding folder, such as de/_posts or fr/_posts).
  • add yourself to the list of contributors with a website of your choice ;-)


This project and its contents are licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0. See the license.

Important note:

This project is processed with Jekyll. Check it out before contributing. This doesn't mean you need to install Jekyll, the contents are automatically processed on github. But if you install it, you have (of course) better control about what you push to your github repo. With Jekyll, you can write your posts in HTML, Markdown (like this file) or Textile.


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