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Color settings for the Cygwin mintty terminal

Based on the solarized color scheme by Ethan Schoonover. See full details at

This project can be found at and is designed to be included as a subtree of

Mintty internal defaults

You can set these as your default ~/.minttyrc configuration file. This means that a mintty terminal reset doesn't lose your color settings. Simply append the appropriate file to your mintty config file (~/.minttyrc) and then edit the file and tweak as below:

cat ./.minttyrc.light >> ~/.minttyrc


cat ./.minttyrc.dark >> ~/.minttyrc

Then open the config file and remove the 3 pre-existing color settings for:

ForegroundColour= ...
BackgroundColour= ...
CursorColour= ...

as they will be re-specified further down in the appended section.

Adding to your login scripts

If for any reason you would prefer not to change your config file, you can do the following:

Copy the two files into a directory in your home (for example .solar) and add one of the following lines to your .bashrc file:

source ~/%your directory%/sol.light


source ~/%your directory%/sol.dark

Color schemes can be swapped interactively using the same commands.

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