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yesod-generate assumes a canonical file structure based on the output of the yesod scaffolder. if you move files around yesod-generate will fail.


  • test the output
  • make it pretty
  • add bootstrap option

Yesod Generators

Generators to help kickstart yesod projects and promote best practices.

Supported Generators

  • model
  • dumpwidgets - can dump a widgets.hs for the current model file

Model Generation

yesod-generate model <TableName> (<field Type [Maybe]>[, <field Type [Maybe]>])+

for example:

yesod-generate model User name Text, age Int Maybe, bday Day Maybe, group GroupId


  • put a comma after each field.
  • can put Maybe after the type to denote a nullable type

Supported Types

  • Other persistent Ids
    • note that any type ending in Id is assumed to be a persistent key and will be treated as such.
  • Bool
  • Double
  • Int
  • String
    • Note that we will assume you meant Text, since you should be.
  • Text
  • Day
  • CountryCode
    • uses ISO3166 2 letter codes from iso3166-country-codes
    • Gives an example of how to add in a simple, but totally alien type to persistent
  • Image
    • IF YOU ADD IMAGES, your JSON/VIEWs will be Ugly. you are warned.
    • naively stores image data in the database as a byte string

possibly coming soon

  • Int8
  • Int16
  • Int32
  • Int64
  • ByteString
  • Html
  • TimeOfDay
  • UTCTime