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pyreadme - Python interface for the HTTP API
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pyreadme - Python interface for the HTTP API

NOTE: This library is pre-release and still in testing phase.


git clone
cd pyreadme
python develop

Getting started

First time you log into a new project, do:

from pyreadme import login

login(project='your_readme.io_project', email='your@email', password='youR_P4ssWord')

pyreadme will store credentials for each project you have, so next time around you can simply do:


and will be good to go. To get document details for a slug and a version of your docs, you do

details = get_document_details(slug='your-slug', version='v1.0')

Under development

  • Wrap complete HTTP API for version "v1"
  • Add CLI
  • Make it easy to manage projects from GitHub
  • Add sufficient test suite
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