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Mechanized Assault & eXploration Reloaded

A turn based strategy game based on M.A.X. created by fans as a community to make it's unique multiplayer experience possible on modern networks and systems.

Building MAXR

Supported Platforms

  • Mac OS X Mac-OS-badge
  • MS Windows Premake5-windows-badge
  • Linux Ubuntu-badge

Other UNIX-like operating systems may work too out of the box. Chances are huge if there's a build of SDL2 and CMake for the system.

You can find more information about how to build maxr in our Wiki:
How to build

Playing with original graphics and sounds

Due the copyright we are not allowed to provide any game content from the original Mechanized Assault and Exploration (c) 1996 Interplay

If you do own an original Mechanized Assault & Exploration CD (c) 1996 Interplay you can however make use of the tool resinstaller and install the original gfx automagically from your existing M.A.X. copy.

Resinstaller also takes care of sounds, videos, maps and music.

If you don't own an original M.A.X. CD but you want to play with the original look'n'feel you can still buy it at

Additional important files

Please find additional files in ./data: