Flight Fare & Seat Availability Scraper Library
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This is a quick script that I reversed engineered in order to poll ITA Matrix Airfare Search. It is still a bit rough around the edges as I try to clean it up. The goal is to determine a correlation between seat availability and price fare information to alert me on trends for flight segments. I want to build a cool dashboard in order to feed all this information to me automatically.

Right now I use ITA Matrix for airfare search & flightstats for seat availability. I'm looking to get information from nome other sites as well in order to get better data.

The ITA Matrix Airfare Search is a great tool so I suggest you go check it out here: http://matrix.itasoftware.com/ Also checkout Flightstats (https://flightstats.com) its a great site for finding information about tracking. I use it to monitor whether flights are on-time or not.

#Installation# (build steps) Copy flight_scraper.cfg.example to flight_scraper.cfg python setup.py build python setup.py install



  • MapReduce Job to map seat availability to pricing information.

  • Integrate with Prediction.io for Analysis.

  • Seat map for availability - alert if aisle/window seat becomes available.

  • Upgrade list - to track which flights give higher chance of upgrades.

  • Add support for non-direct flights

  • Calendar automated search support.

  • Command Line Interface

  • Backtest after enough data is gathered.

  • Add more Search Engine Scrapers

  • Add price forecasting from Kayak & Bing

  • Output reminders kayak style:

  • Stylize WebApp for reporting/Dashboard