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DNS Allocator



Message Broker

All Celery supported AMQP message brokers can be used.


In order to use DNS Allocator the Django project needs to have a complete The following Django settings are required to run DNS Allocator:

  • BROKER_URL and other required message broker settings

All other settings are pre-configured inside settings/, which can be imported using the following line in your settings/{env}.py:

from .base import *

A basic development environment can be launched using the pre-configured settings/


First of all you need to install all the dependencies. It is recommended to perform the installations using the pip command.

The next step is to get all source from and PyPI:

git clone --recursive git:// dnsalloc

cd dnsalloc

pip install -r requirements.txt

After that you need to collect and compress the static files using:

python collectstatic --noinput
python compress --force

Now you need to setup your webserver to serve the Django project. Please take a look at the Django documentation for more information.

You can run a development server using the following command:

python runserver

Executing Tasks

Besides running the webserver, you need to run celery beat and celery worker. You can do this by executing the following commands from your server's shell:

celery -A dnsalloc beat
celery -A dnsalloc worker