Transforms CPX (JSX like syntax) into asm-dom Virtual DOM
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Transforms CPX (JSX like syntax) into asm-dom Virtual DOM



asm-dom Virtual DOM is a little bit verbose to write, we need a lot, not to much readable, lines of code to create a view. In addition we have to convert some types, merge attributes, props and do other stuff like that every time. For this reason we have decided to create gccx, a parser that allows us to write a new simple syntax. We will call this syntax CPX, it is based on JSX but it has some differences. Basically gccx will transform this syntax into standard C++. In this way we can write files that appear very similar to HTML and can be written and read easily.


You can install gccx using npm:

npm install --save-dev gccx

or, if you prefer, you can install gccx globally with:

npm install -g gccx


Once you have installed gccx, you can use it from the command line or from javascript. Here is an example of both:

gccx src --output dist --watch

supposing a CommonJS environment, you can import gccx in this way and immediately use it with no configuration.

import gccx from 'gccx';

const code = `
  #include "../asm-dom/asm-dom.hpp"
  #include <emscripten/val.h>
  #include <string>

  using namespace asmdom;

  int main() {
    VNode* vnode = <h1>Hello world!</h1>;


    return 0;

const compiled = gccx.parse(code); // compiled code as string


Visit docs folder to find the complete doc of gccx.


Examples are available in the examples folder. You will find examples of both, cli and javascript api usage.

If you want to see a complete example that uses gccx, you can check out here the TODOMVC.

Change Log

This project adheres to Semantic Versioning.
Every release, along with the migration instructions, is documented on the Github Releases page.


Matteo Basso

Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2017, Matteo Basso.

gccx source code is licensed under the MIT License.