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Objectified version of Technoweenie's white_list plugin for Rails. Implemented as a class, not as a helper.
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This White Listing helper will html encode all tags and strip all attributes that aren't specifically allowed.  
It also strips href/src tags with invalid protocols, like javascript: especially.  It does its best to counter any
tricks that hackers may use, like throwing in unicode/ascii/hex values to get past the javascript: filters.  Check out
the extensive test suite.

  <%= white_list @article.body %>

You can add or remove tags/attributes if you want to customize it a bit.

Add table tags
  WhiteListHelper.tags.merge %w(table td th)

Remove tags
  WhiteListHelper.tags.delete 'div'

Change allowed attributes

  WhiteListHelper.attributes.merge %w(id class style)

white_list accepts a block for custom tag escaping.  Shown below is the default block that white_list uses if none is given.
The block is called for all bad tags, and every text node.  node is an instance of HTML::Node (either HTML::Tag or HTML::Text).  
bad is nil for text nodes inside good tags, or is the tag name of the bad tag.  

  <%= white_list(@article.body) { |node, bad| white_listed_bad_tags.include?(bad) ? nil : node.to_s.gsub(/</, '&lt;') } %>
Original plugin website:
Original plugin SVN:
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