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A mobile webapp for Tiny Tiny RSS

What is it?

This webapp is a client for Tiny Tiny RSS. It uses its JSON API.

I started working on this because the default mobile version was somtimes slow, limited and not in good shape for future development.

ttrss-mobile is using:

How to install?

  • Download the latest release available here.
  • Unpack the archive somewhere on your server.
  • Alternatively, you can clone the repository where you want it on your web server.
  • In the scripts dir, copy conf.js-dist to conf.js and set the variable window.apiPath pointing to your Tiny Tiny RSS installation.


  • Download the update
  • Unpack it over your previous installation
  • Compare the new conf.js-dist with yours and merge them
  • It should be ready
  • (Don't forget to clear your cache if you see something strange)

How to hack on it?

You need node.js to make a build but you can still hack without it.

  • Clone this repo on your webserver
  • Hack on the files in src
  • Test on the version in src
  • Build with make/
  • Test with the built version in build
  • Make a pull request with your awesome contribution


  • You should not put this webapp in a subdir of your Tiny Tiny RSS install. On update, it could be wiped. For more info, see this post from HunterZ on the forum.

  • Make sure that the user you'll use to connect has the API activated in Tiny Tiny RSS preferences :

    • in Tiny Tiny RSS go into Actions -> Preferences
    • Configuration -> Enable external API
  • If you want to host this webapp on another hostname than your Tiny Tiny RSS instance, you'll find a solution using CORS in this issue.

Current features

  • mark all as read/unread
  • categories support
  • feeds icon display
  • image & objects adapted to the screen size (max-width: 100% in CSS)
  • link to the original article
  • unread count display
  • special feeds
  • publish/unpublish article support
  • star/unstar article support
  • mark as read/unread article support
  • iPhone webapp support (startup image & icon)
  • SINGLE_USER_MODE support
  • settings page: only number of articles to load as of now

Other features to come are tracked as issues. Feel free to give a hand or request things :-)


ttrss-mobile is Free Software under the AGPLv3