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Flogr - your flickr photos in a customizable photo gallery you host on your website.
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#flogr flogr is a php script that will display your public flickr photos in a customizable photo gallery you host on your website. If you use flickr but want to have a different look and feel for your photo gallery you may like flogr.

Go on and take it for a spin.

##Main Features

  • Customizable photoblog interface for your flickr photos
  • Display all flickr photos, only photos with certain tags or only certain photosets
  • Displays photo details, EXIF data, tags, geo location, and photo comments
  • Thumbnail viewer displays photos by date taken, photoset, and tag
  • Embedded Slimbox photo slideshow
  • Map view of your geo tagged photos
  • Flickr tag cloud page
  • RSS 2.0 support

##Screenshots ![Main]( =250) Recent Slide Map Tag


  • Download and unpack the zip locally
  • Enter your flickr user id on line 27 of 'admin/config.php'
 * Your Flickr user id and/or group id 
 * Note: A flickr id (not name) is needed.  You can lookup your id at 

##Questions The best way to get your question answered is the flogr group.

##Donate flogr is free to use. Want to share the love? You can by feeding my caffeine addiction or buying me a beer. Thanks!

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