MicroPython board definition for the Black STM32F407VET6 board
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Black STM32F407VET6

MicroPython board definition files for the unbranded black STM32F407VET6 dev board.

Brand: Unbranded/Generic

Markings: STM32F4XX STM32_F4VE V2.0 1509


You can buy one for around $12 USD on AliExpress

Build and deploy the firmware:

  • Clone the board definitions to your MicroPython ports/stm32/boards folder.
cd micropython/ports/stm32/boards
git clone https://github.com/mcauser/BLACK_F407VE.git
  • Disconnect the board from USB
  • Set BOOT0 jumper to ON (BT0->3V3)
  • Connect the board via USB
cd micropython/ports/stm32
make BOARD=BLACK_F407VE deploy
  • Disconnect the board from USB
  • Set BOOT0 jumper to OFF (BT0->GND)
  • Connect the board via USB
screen /dev/tty.usbmodem1422


  • STM32F407VET6 ARM Cortex M4
  • 168MHz, 210 DMIPS / 1.25 DMIPS / MHz
  • 1.8V - 3.6V operating voltage
  • 8MHz system crystal
  • 32.768KHz RTC crystal
  • 2.54mm pitch pins
  • JTAG/SWD header
  • 512KByte Flash, 192 + 4 KByte SRAM
  • 3x SPI, 3x USART, 2x UART, 2x I2S, 3x I2C
  • 1x FSMC, 1x SDIO, 2x CAN
  • 1x USB 2.0 FS / HS controller (with dedicated DMA)
  • 1x USB HS ULPI (for external USB HS PHY)
  • Micro SD
  • Winbond W25Q16 16Mbit SPI Flash
  • RTC battery CR1220
  • 1x 10/100 Ethernet MAC
  • 1x 8 to 12-bit Parallel Camera interface
  • 3x ADC (12-bit / 16-channel)
  • 2x DAC (12-bit)
  • 12x general timers, 2x advanced timers
  • AMS1117-3.3V: 3.3V LDO voltage regulator, max current 800mA
  • Micro USB for power and comms
  • Red power LED D1
  • Red user LED D2 (PA6) active low
  • Red user LED D3 (PA7) active low
  • 2x jumpers for bootloader selection
  • Reset button, Wakeup button, 2x user buttons K0 (PE4) and K1 (PE3)
  • 2x24 side pins + 2x16 bottom pins + 1x4 ISP pins
  • 2x16 FMSC LCD Interface
  • NRF24L01 socket
  • M3 mounting holes
  • Dimensions: 85.1mm x 72.45mm


  • change HSE_VALUE from 8000000 to 25000000
  • change PLL_M from 8 to 25



Licensed under the MIT License.