MCCI's open-source hardware designs for Catena projects.
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This repository contains hardware information about MCCI's open-source hardware designs for Catena LoRaWAN projects.

Catena 4410

Image of Catena 4410

Image of garden shipment

Catena 4450

Image of Catena 4450 wing

Image of Assembled Catena 4450

Catena 4460

Image of Catena 4460 wing

Catena 4470

Image of Catena 4470 wing

Image of Assembled Catena 4470

Catena 4551

Image of Catena 4551

Catena 4611/4612

Image of Catena 4612

All schematics are prepared with KiCad, an open-source hardware design package that is freely available. Schematics can be found in the kicad/ subdirectory.

Directory or file Contents
doc/hualian-sensors.xlsx the project planning document - BOMs, pricing, planning information.
doc/ the FreeMind mind-map used for planning the project. Very useful for reference.
Boards/pond-soil-proto/ the generic Catena 4410, used as a base design for the other sensor nodes. Integrated lux/temperature/pressure/humidity; external I2C, Dallas Semi OneWire, and specialized two-wire interface. In the end, all hardware was identical and based on this.
Boards/Catena-4410/Catena-4410-greenhouse/ the greenhouse sensor: integreated lux/temperature/pressure/humidity, plus external soil temperature/humidity
Boards/Catena-4410/Catena-4410-mushroom/ the mushroom-house sensor: integrated lux/temperature/pressure/humidity.
Boards/Catena-4410/Catena-4410-seaweed/ the seaweed-house sensor: integrated lux/temperature/pressure/humidity, plus external water temperature.
Boards/lib/ the library of common shapes
Boards/radio-feather-proto/ AKA the Catena 4420; this design combines an Adafruit Feather M0 BTLE with a separate Feather RadioWing to form a map-the-things node. Code is on branch MCCI-Catena of
Boards/solar-panel-0w5-usb/ the solar panel design for charging the LiPo batteries.
Boards/Catena-4450/ Catena 4450 wing schematic and PCB layout Drawing. Also contains Catena 4450 DIY Kit Assembly instructions.
Boards/Catena-4460/ Catena 4450 wing schematic and PCB layout Drawing.
Boards/Catena-4470/ Catena 4450 wing schematic and PCB layout Drawing.
Boards/Catena-4551/ Catena 4551 schematic,PCB Layout Drawing, Pinout Drawing, DIY Kit assembly and other related documents.
Boards/Catena-4611_4612/ Catena 4611/4612 schematic and PCB Layout Drawing.

Software for most of these (apart from the radio-feather-proto) can be found starting here: Look particularly at Catena4410_Sensor1.ino, catena4450m101_sensor.ino. All the other repos used are forked and available from