Minimalist Twitter Streaming API Client
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A minimal Twitter Streaming API client in Scala. Supports the following key items

  • Reconnect/backoff strategy on non-200 HTTP responses
  • Reconnect strategy on socket timeouts
  • Reconnect strategy on connection timeouts
  • Asynchronous processing of messages

What it does not support:

  • Setting up Apache HttpComponents connections, authentication, etc. You have the control, you have the responsibility.
  • Parsing messages. This is a line oriented client. While you can use it with XML messages, it's far better suited for handling JSON responses.

What it should support, but doesn't (yet)

  • Stats gathering

To build the project, you'll need sbt. From the tweetcreek directory, run sbt update, then sbt package. You'll get a jar for scala 2.8.0 in target.

If you need to build for Scala 2.7.7, run sbt +update, then sbt +compile. You will get both 2.7.7 and 2.8.0 versions in your target directory.

For usage, see Sample.scala in src/test/scala/com/twitter/tweetcreek.