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Paste allows you to create and view short text clippings using Each paste has a public link that can be viewed without logging in to, but an account is required to create pastes. Logged-in users also see a list of their own recent pastes.


Paste-app is a pasteboard/pinboard running on the social networking platform Paste-app is the brainchild of Jonathon Duerig, @duerig, and is based on his code from the first session in the Learning the API 101 patter room:


Each paste has a public link that can be viewed without logging in to, as well as a "private" link which will display both the selected paste and a list of the logged-in user's recent pastes. To create a new paste, you will need a (free) account. Pastes now have an optional title, type, and tags.


Pastes are messages in a user-created channel of type net.paste-app.clip. The paste text itself is contained in an annotation of type net.paste-app.clip, while the message text contains the private link to the paste. (The public link is a base 36 encoding of the channel and message IDs, which allows retrieval without authentication.) You can direct the user to the private link (the website) to view the paste or retrieve the message yourself to display within an app. The code is all client-side and is available at github, but you will need either mod_rewrite (the .htaccess file) or Amazon-style rerouting (the .aws-routing file) to resolve paste urls.


The app uses appnet.js, jquery, mustache.js, purl.js (for url handling), highlight.js (for code highlighting), and Skeleton, a responsive HTML5 template. The ransom note font used in the images is BlackCasper by AllencHIU cHIU.