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# 2.0 - Complete rewrite, split continents and more #
###### Released Xxx XX, 2017 ######
###### Released Oct 7, 2017 ######
* From scratch rewrite using C, C++ and the Qt toolkit.
* Split continents can now occur, causing the swamp cave to be required
* Some NPCs have been moved or removed
* The roving guard in the throne room has been sacked
* The old man in the Garinam item ahop has been moved
* The weapon shop in Cantlin now contains 4 counter tiles - the owner can no longer hide!
* No more bridges to nowhere.
* The islands the bridges lead to may be empty, but they won't be tiny.
* Chaos mode
* Randomizes all anemy stats including Dragonlord form 1.
* Randomizes all enemy stats including Dragonlord form 1.
* Randomizes experience requirements for levels.
* Dragonlord form 2 will have between 100 and 230 HP.
* Dragonlord form 2 could have `SLEEP` or `HEAL`, but also is more susceptible to `STOPSPELL`.
* More speed options
* Fast Text and Speed Hacks are now separate options
* Open Charlock - no Rainbow Drop required.
* Short Charlock - No need for torches because there's no dungeon, just straight to the Dragonlord's floor.
* Added an option to not require keys for opening doors.
* Big Swamp option - most of the overworld will be filled with swamp.
* Added player sprite options. The player sprite can be changed when generating a ROM.
* Fixed an issue where the player could obtain multiple flutes/tokens if they were in a chest.
* This would clutter the inventory since they are unable to be discarded.
@@ -112,7 +112,11 @@ using your favorite emulator or flash cart.
* Randomize Weapon Shops: Randomizes what items are available in all weapon shops.
* Randomize Growth: Randomize the stat changes you receive on each level up.
* Randomize Spell Learning: Randomizes the level at which you learn each spell.
* Chaos Mode: All enemy stats (STR,AGI,etc.) are randomized. In addition, weapon & armor prices are randomized. Dragonlord form 2 may have HEAL or SLEEP.
* Chaos Mode
* All enemy stats (STR,AGI,etc.) are randomized.
* Weapon & armor prices are randomized.
* Experience requirements for levels are randomized. They are still affected by leveling speed.
* Dragonlord form 2 may have HEAL or SLEEP.
* Randomize Enemy Attacks: Enemy spells and abilities are randomized.
* Randomize Enemy Zones: Enemy locations are random.
* Enable Menu Wrapping: Enable wrapping of the cursor from top to bottom in menus.
@@ -1,2 +1,2 @@
/* This file is generated by git */
#define BUILD "326"
#define BUILD "327"

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