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Microsoft Windows NFC Login and Logout
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NFC Fence provides NFC based login and logout functionality for the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

Important Disclaimer

This software is in active development and should not be used in any environment you need stability. Make sure you remember your password as a backup. Your Unicorns may be exploited. You have been warned.

In case of emergencies

If for some reason, no login options are available on your lock screen, open an RDP session from another machine and then use your username and password to login again.


Installation Instructions

There are three separate parts to this, if any fails then you will need to check that you have the dependencies correctly installed and are running programs in Administrator mode where applicable. These installation instructions are temporary and will be replaced with a simple MSI installer in the future.

Building the binaries (If you have downloaded the source)

  1. Open \Sesame\Sesame.sln with Visual Studio 2015.

  2. Build the entire solution (Release or debug, but only x64). This creates a \bin\ folder in the root Sesame directory.

  3. For the rest of the instructions, I'll assume you built for Release. If you chose Debug instead, then replace "Release" in the following instructions with "Debug".

  4. Make sure your NFC reader is connected to the PC.

Installing the Service

  1. Browse to \Sesame\bin\Release\Service and Right-click "InstallService.bat" and select "Run as Administrator" and accept the UAC prompt. The last line of the command window should say the task completed successfully.

  2. Press any key to exit the command prompt window.

Registering the credential provider

  1. Copy \Sesame\bin\Release\Credential\NFCRingCredentialProvider.dll to C:\Windows\System32.

  2. Run \Sesame\bin\Release\Credential\Register.reg. You may need to run it as Administrator. Allow the UAC prompt if it pops up. If unsuccessful, run "regedit.exe" as administrator and select "File -> Import" and browse to "Register.reg"

Registering a token

  1. Run \Sesame\bin\Release\UI\NFCRing.UI.View.exe.

  2. Start by selecting "Add new NFC Ring" and follow the wizard steps.

  3. Swipe your ring when prompted.

  4. Enter your password.

  5. Swipe your ring again to encrypt the password.

Congratulations, you have now setup NFC Fence. Swipe your ring on your NFC reader to lock the PC. Swipe again to unlock.

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