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Attempt to resurrect the Tempest 2000 clone, Typhoon 2001, for use on SteamOS/Debian.
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Typoon 2001

Effort to preserve for use on SteamOS/Debain. Typhoon 2001 is a Tempest 2000 clone. This snapshot is from, what I assume per the original tarball here revision r3992.

The game is a static binary, so there is no current way I have to correct any issues. Please do not submit issues agains this project of this nature.

Legacy info

Typhoon 2001 for Linux (c) 2006 - 2007 by Thorsten Kuphaldt -


This is a remake of the Atari Jaguar classic game Tempest 2000. T2K, as it is sometimes called, was originally created for Atari by Jeff "Yak" Minter as a remake of the arcade-game Tempest, which was in turn created by Dave Theurer.

The full documentation is available on the website (deprecated, wayback machine link):


Keyboard Suggested gamepad button to set Action
Cursor Left Left joystick Move left
Cursor Right Right Joystick Move right
Space A button Fire / OK (in menus)
Tab B button Jump (if available)
Enter X button Superzapper (only once per level)
PageUp n/a Zoom in
PageDown n/a Zoom out
Esc Start button Exit (Exits while in main title screen)
P Start button Pause (gamepad pauses in-game)
F1 n/a Turn on camera movement
F4 n/a Turn off camera movement
F5 n/a Web based camera rotation
F6 n/a Center based camera rotation
F8: n/a Turn off camera rotation
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