A Ehuoyan's YHY523U RFID module python driver for linux
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Here is a Ehuoyan's YHY523U module (or YHY632, see below) python driver for Linux.

About the YHY523U module

YHY523U RFID module

The YHY523U RFID module is made by Ehuoyan Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing, China).


  • RFID Read/Write module based on RC522 and with built-in transceiver antenna
  • Contactless operating frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • Supports ISO14443A / MIFARE®, Mifare® Classic 1K, Mifare® Classic 4K
  • Communications Interface: USB
  • Typical Operating Distance: 0–90 mm
  • Operating Voltage :DC 5.0V
  • Two LED (red, blue) indicators (software controlled)
  • Buzzer alarm (software controlled)
  • Size: 70 mm x 70mm x 10mm
  • Weight: 20g

Getting started

pip dependencies are listed in src/requirements.txt. The driver only depends on pySerial.

Then just run the following command:

python src/yhy523u.py


YHY632 compatibility

This driver also works with the Ehuoyan's YHY632 module (as YHY532U and YHY632 command sets are same).


Manually send a command to the serial/USB port

echo -ne '\xaa\xbb\x06\x00\xff\xff\x06\x01\x64\x63' > /dev/ttyUSB0

Sniff a serial/USB port

apt-get install jpnevulator
jpnevulator --ascii --timing-print --tty "/dev/ttyUSB0" --read

More resources


Strongly inspired by the work of Evgeny Boger.


Bitcoin address: 13BMqpqbzJ62LjMWcPGWrTrdocvGqifdJ3