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[sync] download files to a temporary filename, then rename

This fix makes all the downloads happen to temporary files of type
.s3cmd.XXXXX.tmp in the same folder as the target file's. Once the
download is complete, the file is renamed to the actual
destination. This renaming is atomic in nature; hence any parallel
thread or process could work on fully downloaded data (by filtering
all files matching .s3cmd.XXXXX.tmp pattern while walking the data


Patch manually applied by Matt Domsch because this portion of the code has
changed more than pulling or rebasing could handle.
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1 parent 64dc6a3 commit eecbcba7d1e4b77b65f6b9d9dda102184d5a2fca Sumit Kumar committed with Dec 6, 2012
Showing with 9 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +9 −8 s3cmd
17 s3cmd
@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ import subprocess
import htmlentitydefs
import socket
import shutil
+import tempfile
from copy import copy
from optparse import OptionParser, Option, OptionValueError, IndentedHelpFormatter
@@ -783,17 +784,17 @@ def cmd_sync_remote2local(args):
warning(u"%s: destination directory not writable: %s" % (file, dst_dir))
- open_flags = os.O_CREAT
- open_flags |= os.O_TRUNC
- # open_flags |= os.O_EXCL
debug(u"dst_file=%s" % unicodise(dst_file))
- # This will have failed should the file exist
- os.close(, open_flags))
- # Yeah I know there is a race condition here. Sadly I don't know how to open() in exclusive mode.
- dst_stream = open(dst_file, "wb")
+ # create temporary files (of type .s3cmd.XXXX.tmp) in the same directory
+ # for downloading and then rename once downloaded
+ chkptfd, chkptfname = tempfile.mkstemp(".tmp",".s3cmd.",os.path.dirname(dst_file))
+ debug(u"created chkptfname=%s" % unicodise(chkptfname))
+ dst_stream = os.fdopen(chkptfd, "wb")
response = s3.object_get(uri, dst_stream, extra_label = seq_label)
+ # download completed, rename the file to destination
+ os.rename(chkptfname, dst_file)
+ debug(u"renamed chkptfname=%s to dst_file=%s" % (unicodise(chkptfname), unicodise(dst_file)))
if response['headers'].has_key('x-amz-meta-s3cmd-attrs') and cfg.preserve_attrs:
attrs = parse_attrs_header(response['headers']['x-amz-meta-s3cmd-attrs'])
if attrs.has_key('mode'):

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