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MORK is an extension of Apple ResearchKit that facilitates easy serialization of ResearchKit data into the form required by the Patient Cloud Gateway.

Contact us at


MORK adds a method to the ResearchKit ORKCollectionResult class via a category:

-(NSArray *)mork_getFieldDataFromResults;

Returns an NSArray containing the data, identifier, and date-entered for each ORKStepResult (if retrieving result data from an instance of ORKTaskResult) or ORKQuestionResult (if retrieving result data from an instance of ORKStepResult) in the ORKCollectionResult subclass:

     @"data_value" : @"<value>",
     @"item_oid" : @"<step identifier>",
     @"date_time_entered" : @"<date entered>"  
     @"data_value" : @"<value>",
     @"item_oid" : @"<step identifier>",
     @"date_time_entered" : @"<date entered>"  

The NSArray returned from the mork_getFieldDataFromResults method can be converted to JSON and sent to the Patient Cloud Gateway to create an entry in Rave. An example JSON payload is as follows:

  "form_data": {
    "subject_name": "aabb99",
    "log_line": 1,
    "study_uuid": "a2c0da8c-4dfd-4ffd-b3d5-94c762086c2f",
    "signature_date_time_entered": "2015-27-10T17:04:35",
    "folder_oid": "SUBJECT",
    "form_oid": "MYFORM",
    "field_data": [
        "data_value": "M",
        "item_oid": "GENDER",
        "date_time_entered": "2015-27-10T17:03:24"
        "data_value": "1990-12-04T20:10:30",
        "item_oid": "DOB",
        "date_time_entered": "2015-27-10T17:03:37"
        "data_value": "Sometimes",
        "item_oid": "EXERCISE_FREQUENCY",
        "date_time_entered": "2015-27-10T17:03:48"
        "data_value": "7",
        "item_oid": "PAIN_LEVEL",
        "date_time_entered": "2015-27-10T17:03:56"
    "site_oid": "Site",
    "version": "1.0",
    "device_id": "DFEBA156-C012-4AD2-957C-9995829BC3A7",
    "signature_oid": "ACK_FIELD",
    "rave_url": "",
    "study_name": "MyStudy",
    "record_oid": "PCFORM_LOG_LINE",
    "subject_uuid": "bfe72729-ab34-4f97-bf03-18ea61fdc92e"

MORKExample Example Project Documentation

Patient Cloud / ResearchKit Integration

Common Fields

Most Rave fields can be represented by an ORKQuestionStep. Special fields such as consent forms and form submission can be represented by other subclasses of ORKStep (ORKVisualConsentStep, ORKCompletionStep).

If multiple questions should be shown on a single, scrollable page, an ORKFormStep can be used to encapsulate multiple ORKSteps

Fields shared by all Rave Architect Fields:

Rave Architect Field ResearchKit Field
FieldOID ORKStep.identifer
Header Text ORKStep.title
Field Label (?) ORKStep.text
VariableFormat See Formatting Section

Control Types

Many Rave and Patient Cloud Fields can be supported through configuration of existing ResearchKit Objects. For some Fields additional customization would be required (e.g. subclassing ORKQuestion).

Rave Control ResearchKit Control
Text ORKTextAnswerFormat, ORKNumericAnswerFormat
Date Time ORKDateAnswerFormat, ORKTimeIntervalAnswerFormat, ORKTimeOfDayAnswerFormat
Drop Down List ORKTextChoiceAnswerFormat
Radio Button ORKTextChoiceAnswerFormat
Signature ORKConsentReviewStep + ORKConsentSignature
Patient Cloud Control ResearchKit Control
Calendar Control ORKDateAnswerFormat
Timestamp ORKTimeOfDayAnswerFormat
Acknowledgement ORKConsentReviewStep + ORKConsentSignature
NoCloudDisplay N/A
Wong Baker ORKImageChoiceAnswerFormat
Bristol ORKImageChoiceAnswerFormat can be subclassed to add support for vertical images
VAS / VAS with Box ORKScaleAnswerFormat
NRS ORKScaleAnswerFormat

Specific Control Types


ResearchKit Object: ORKTextAnswerFormat or ORKNumericAnswerFormat

Depending on the nature of the data, either text or a numeric value can be captured.

Date / Time

ResearchKit Object: ORKDateAnswerFormat or ORKTimeIntervalAnswerFormat or ORKTimeOfDayAnswerFormat

While technically the DateTime control could be represented by an ORKTextAnswerFormat control, using an ORKDateAnswerFormat will avoid the need to implement complicated Date validations.

Drop Down List / Radio Button

Used to produce a sequence of Radio Buttons or a Drop Down

ResearchKit Object: ORKTextChoiceAnswerFormat or ORKValuePickerAnswerFormat

An ORKTextChoiceAnswerFormat will list all options at once, whereas a ORKValuePickerAnswerFormat provides a scrollable list that shows only a view items at once.

Rave Architect Field ResearchKit Field
Data Dictionary NSArray of ORKTextChoice
User Data String ORKTextChoice.text
Coded Data ORKTextChoice.value


ResearchKit Object: ORKConsentReviewStep + ORKConsentSignature

The ORKConsentReviewStep can be used to ask a subject for their consent and can produce an ORKConstentSignature instance containing the relevant data.

Active Tasks

ResearchKit provides Active Tasks for collecting data under "partial controlled conditions." Such tasks may include walking for a period of time, tapping the screen repeatedly, or completing a task to test memory.

Active Tasks return a hierarchy of ORKResult objects containing the collected data. If the data is too large, it will be saved to a file and an ORKFileResult object will be returned. Additionally, a ORKRecorderConfiguration can be attached to an Active Step to process data while it is being collected.

Formatting and Validation

The following Answer Formats provide basic input validation:

ResearchKit Object Validation properties
ORKNumericAnserFormat minimum, maximum
ORKScaleAnswerFormat minimum, maximum, step
ORKContinuousScaleAnswerFormat minimum, maximum, maximumFractionDigits
ORKTextAnswerFormat maximumLength, multipleLines
ORKDateAnswerFormat minimumDate, maximumDate

Basic Rave Formatting and Validation can be implemented in ResearchKit using the following:

Rave Formatting ResearchKit Equivalent
$x ORKTextAnswerFormat.maximumLength = x
n ORKNumericAnswerFormat.maximum = pow(10, n) - 1
n+ ORKNumericAnswerFormat.minimum = pow(10, n-1) ORKNumericAnswerFormat.maximum = pow(10,n) - 1

For more advanced validations, the didFinishWithNavigationDirection and stepViewControllerResultDidChange methods from the ORKStepViewControllerDelegate may be implemented for finer-grained control over step navigation. Additionally the shouldPresentStep method from the ORKTaskViewControllerDelegate may also be suitable for disallowing navigation after the user submits invalid data.

Branching Questions / Edit Checks

While Edit Check execution is not yet supported, dynamic Field visibility based on results can be accomplished by subclassing ORKOrderedTask, overriding the stepAfterStep and stepBeforeStep methods. An example can be found in the ResearchKit Documentation.


Medidata Patient Cloud + ResearchKit integration








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