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The core of the J programming language

C C++
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arm merging bills changes
bin merging bills changes
cmake CMakeLists.txt: installation support, only tested on Linux
defs merging bills changes
docs Clean up minor whitespace issues.
j merging bills changes
jld initial version of an-detecting loader
jni minor fixes to suppress build-time warnings
mips merging bills changes
obj build with new makefile
test merging bills changes
win merging bills changes
.gitignore incorporate effbiae's windows build changes added UTF8 support to LOCAL_FLAGS
CMakeLists.txt Fixed problems with undefined _O_TEXT and linking math libraries merging bills changes Initial commit of autotools
README.cmake CMakeLists.txt: installation support, only tested on Linux
README.markdown use effbiae's configure script merging bills changes
a.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
a.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
ab.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
af.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
ai.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
am.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
am1.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
amn.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
ao.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
ap.c merging bills changes
ar.c merging bills changes
ar.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
as.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
au.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
c.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
ca.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
cc.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
cd.c oops revert mistaken change to o.
cf.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
cg.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
ch.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
cip.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
cip_t.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
cl.c j701_b_source.tar.gz Add verbosity in case of errors
cp.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
cpdtsp.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
cr.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
cr_t.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
crs.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
ct.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
cu.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
cv.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
cx.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
d.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
d.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
dc.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
dss.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
dstop.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
dsusp.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
dtoa.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
dtoa.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
f.c incorporate effbiae's windows build changes
f2.c merging bills changes
i.c merging bills changes
io.c minor fixes to suppress build-time warnings
j.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
j.h merging bills changes
ja.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
jc.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
jconsole.c merging bills changes
jdlllic.c merging bills changes
je.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
jeload.c minor fixes to suppress build-time warnings
jeload.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
jerr.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
jlib.h merging bills changes
js.h merging bills changes
jt.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
jtype.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
k.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
linenoise.c merging bills changes
linenoise.h merging bills changes
m.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
m.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
makefile merging bills changes
mbx.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
p.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
p.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
pv.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
px.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
r.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
required_arithmetic.h merging bills changes
rl.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
rt.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
s.c merging bills changes
s.h merging bills changes
sc.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
sl.c created files to allow building under Android NTK
sn.c merging bills changes
t.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
tsdll.c merging bills changes
tsdll.def merging bills changes
u.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
v.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
v0.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
v1.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
v2.c created files to allow building under Android NTK
va.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
va1.c merging bills changes
va2.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
va2s.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vamultsp.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vasm.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
vb.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vbang.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vbit.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vcant.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vcat.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vcatsp.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vchar.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vcomp.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vcomp.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
vcompsc.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vd.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vdx.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vdx.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
ve.c merging bills changes
ve.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
vf.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vfft.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vfrom.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vfromsp.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vg.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vg.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
vgauss.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vgcomp.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vgranking.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vgsort.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vgsp.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vi.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
viix.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
visp.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vm.c merging bills changes
vo.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vp.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vq.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vq.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
vrand.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vrep.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vs.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vsb.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vt.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vu.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vx.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
vx.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
vz.c merging bills changes
vz.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
w.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
w.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
wc.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
wn.c removed much of the android-specific cruft
ws.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
x.c removed much of the android-specific cruft
x.h j701_b_source.tar.gz
x15.c merging bills changes
xa.c removed much of the android-specific cruft
xb.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
xc.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
xcrc.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
xd.c minor fixes to suppress build-time warnings
xf.c minor fixes to suppress build-time warnings
xfmt.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
xh.c minor fixes to suppress build-time warnings
xi.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
xl.c merging bills changes
xo.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
xs.c j701_b_source.tar.gz
xt.c minor fixes to suppress build-time warnings
xu.c minor fixes to suppress build-time warnings


Open J


J is a modern, high-level, general-purpose, high-performance programming language. J is portable and runs on Windows, Unix, Mac, and PocketPC handhelds, both as a GUI and in a console. True 64-bit J systems are available for XP64 or Linux64, on AMD64 or Intel EM64T platforms. J systems can be installed and distributed for free.

J goes GNU

Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2011 11:12:31 -0500
From: Eric Iverson <>
To: Programming forum <>
Subject: [Jprogramming] J Source under GPL

J Source is now available under GPL version 3.

If interested you will probably want to join the new source forum.

See the Source page at the web site for info on getting the source.

J Source discussions should take place in the source forum.
For information about J forums see
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