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Barebone Measurement Kit iOS app

Instructions for building the experimental barebone Measurement Kit (MK) iOS app with support for the NDT network performance test.

This app will run the MultiNdt test of MK, a network performance test aiming at measuring the download speed of your network connection using both single- and multi-stream download tests based on the well-known NDT network performance tests.


You need to have CocoaPods installed and obviously also Xcode installed.

In addition, you also need to have GNUPG installed. This is used to verify binaries downloaded from GitHub for integrity and authenticity. Binaries are signed by Simone Basso with fingerprint 7388 77AA 6C82 9F26 A431 C5F4 80B6 9127 7733 D95B. If you have Homebrew installed, you can install GNUPG (and specifically its newest incarnation gpg2) by running this command in the terminal

brew install gpg2

Adding key used to sign binaries

For the build procedure to succeed, you need to add the key used to sign binaries (mentioned above) to your GNUPG keyring. To this end, run the following command in the terminal

gpg2 --recv-keys 738877AA6C829F26A431C5F480B691277733D95B

Build procedure

Open the Terminal and run the following commands. They would download and cross compile MK for iOS devices, as well as other dependencies, and open the Xcode workspace where the app, MK, and said depeendencies would be compiled.

pod install --verbose
open measurement-kit-test.xcworkspace

Updating to a new version of MK

To update to a new version of MeasurementKit:

  1. close Xcode

  2. run pod update --verbose

Known bugs

Sometimes, during the upload test, the app receives the SIGPIPE Unix signal. MK code correctly handles this signal. But, when the app is run attached to the debugger, the debugger will nonetheless pause upon the receipt of such signal. My suggestion is to instruct Xcode to run the app on a device and then, once the app is installed on device, disconnect the device from your computer and run from device.